Sledge building – Creative team fun with a top test-run!

Build a sledge from scratch using a variety of materials such as skis, wood, car tyres, upholstery, wire mesh or cardboard. Your team machine can be hammered, glued, cut and sawn until the finished sledge is ready for the initial safety check, and then given its very first test drive. Anyone can do the teambuilding sledge building.

Sledge building – your team building in the snow

The construction site can be reached on foot or by transportation. The group is divided into teams of 8 to 10 people, and the task is to build your own working sledge and then to test-drive it. Each team has access to identical materials and tools which include skis, wood, upholstery, wire mesh, cardboard, paper, etc.

Further materials can also be purchased at the ‘shop’, where teams use their own company currency and all have the same ‘budget’ allowance for their purchases. Professional help is available in the ‘Service Workshop’ for assistance where larger cuts of wood are required, and the finishing touches to your colourful team flag can be made in the «Paintshop».

After the initial safety check, the sledges will be tested on the snow. The winner is the team that creates the most roadworthy, creative and economically built vehicle.

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