Action painting

Create a painting with your team. The creative framework program Action-painting offers a wonderful opportunity to create a joint work that leaves its mark. An impressive team event full of colors, creativity, emotions and fun. Experience with your employees the fascination of abstract painting in a playful way.

Team event Action-painting – intuitive – wild – abstract

Jackson Pollock was the influential artist of the new style of expressive painting. He considered the great value of his art form more in the creative phase than in the final result. Or in other words: the way is the goal.

Paint sprays, palette knives and brushes are your tools to create a colorful manifesto of your crew from the white canvases. Your teams determine the colors, the gradients or subjects. You’ll be thrilled with the works that will hopefully take a permanent place at your company’s headquarters. Whether it’s a small or large team, everyone has the opportunity to be a part of a great masterpiece, as action-painting is the perfect team-building activity for your employee event.

Action-painting can be carried out regardless of location in the protected setting of a room or outside as a group activity.

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